DyeTechs products are a line of auxiliary products for the textile dyeing process. The product range comprises leveling agents, carriers, fixing agents, wetting agents, defoaming aids and a variety of specialty products.

DyeTechs 6115 LS | Techincal Bulletins | SDS
A highly reactive cationic polyamine polymer recommended for the fixation of indigo, sulfur, direct and fiber reactive dyes. This is a unique polymer that delivers very high performance.

DyeTechs 6151 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS
nonionic soft hand acrylic polymer for use as a binder in the pigment dyeing process. In conjunction with DyeTechs 6115 it creates excellent bonding between substrate and colors.

DyeTechs 6155 | SDS
A concentrated cationic polymer for use as a cationizing agent on cotton and cotton/polyester substrates for direct, pigment, fiber reactive, indigo and sulfur dyeing. The product may be applied in fiber, yarn, textile and garment dyeing applications. DyeTechs 6155 eliminates the need for salt in reactive direct dyeing. Special effects such as tone on tone can be easily achieved when using DyeTechs 6155.

DyeTechs 6200 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS
A nonionic non-silicone defoaming agent formulated for use in jet dyeing machines, becks, package and finish baths. The product is highly recommended for jet and overflow machines with short liquor ratio or air stream technology.

DyeTechs 6400 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS

An environmentally friendly (no chlorinated solvent or alkyl phenol) biodegradable leveling agent for disperse dyeing. The product provides excellent migration, leveling and dye yield with virtually no odor.

DyeTechs 6410 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS

A blended carrier for disperse dyeing of polyester in atmospheric and pressure equipment. The product provides low odor with extremely high dye yields. It is well suited for yarn, piece goods and garments.

DyeTechs 6550 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS

A phosphate free alkaline buffering agent for use in the reactive dyeing of cellulose. The product promotes full exhaustion of cold and medium temperature dyeing reactive dyes.

DyeTechs 6700 | Techincal Bulletins | SDS
A highly versatile polymer for application as a solubilizer, dispersant, chelate and after scour for fiber reactive dyes.

DyeTechs 6900-N | Techincal Bulletins | SDS
A nonionic softener and lubricant mixture formulated to aid in the beaming process of indigo and sulfur dyed yarn. The product facilitates easy separation of adjacent yarns be minimizing clinging problems.

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