DecoTechs products are a range of chemicals for the textile printing process. The product line comprises thickeners, binders and process specialties for all aqueous printing. Products are available for printing dyes and pigments. The products are highly recommended for high speed rotary screen printing.

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DecoTechs 5005 | Techincal Bulletin | SDS
A pre-neutralized inverse emulsion acrylate thickener that lends stable viscosity and high color yield while exhibiting little or no effect on fabric hand. The product has excellent package stability. A lower cost version is available for less demanding applications.

DecoTechs 5025 | Techincal Bulletin | SDS

An anionic cold water soluble carboxymethyl starch product for use as a textile printing thickener. The product is highly recommended for the printing of vat dyes on cotton fabric and disperse dyes on polyester.

DecoTechs 5027 | Technical Bulletin | SDS
An anionic carboxy methyl tamarind gum based cold water soluble high viscosity specialty printing thickener recommended for use printing disperse dyestuffs on polyester and polyester blended fabrics with rotary and flat bed printing machines.

DecoTechs 5101 | Techincal Bulletin | SDS
A high performance formulated acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for pigment printing and pigment pad dyeing applications. The product is formulated to lend a soft hand, excellent color fastness and high color value.

DecoTechs 5103 | Technical Bulletin | SDS
A nonionic soft hand pigment printing binder designed for full aqueous printing of apparel fabrics. The product has little negative effect on paste viscosity and does not negatively affect color yield.

DecoTechs 5130 | Technical Bulletin | SDS
An economical medium hand pigment printing binder designed for full aqueous printing of apparel and home furnishing fabrics. The product does not negatively affect color yield.

DecoTechs 5020 | Techincal Bulletin | SDS
A silicone based crock aid and softener for pigment print pastes. The product is highly recommended for use with soft hand type binders used in the printing of apparel fabrics.

DecoTechs 5410 | Techincal Bulletin | SDS

A 100% solid granular water soluble product formulated for use as a printing belt adhesive. The product is available for preparing either a low or high concentration adhesive.

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